Headshot of me, KT Howard, enjoying a sunset spring 2020
Photo Credit: Alix Yarrow


KT Howard (that’s me) is a writer based in Madison, Wis.

I graduated UW-Madison with a BA in creative writing (technically speaking). From there, I moved to Milwaukee for a job that didn’t work out, then found another job as a “cubicle monkey” with an insurance company. It was stable, but creatively unfulfilling. So I moved to New Zealand on a whim (more or less). There are less dramatic ways to leave a boring job, but why? 

I spent a year in New Zealand, supporting myself as a temp in Wellington’s Central Business District. After returning to Wisconsin, my mission became “Get paid to write or bust.” It’s no surprise that I got a job as a part-time assistant editor with a trade magazine. 

That was the start of my career as a storyteller. After working part-time for a year, I found a job in content marketing. 

I can execute a content plan, manage social media accounts, coordinate automated email marketing, and write anything you need: blogs, email newsletters, press releases, magazine articles, radio scripts, video scripts, social posts, website copy, product descriptions, collateral print materials, and everything else. You name it, I can do it.

With the exception of the images I use on the blog, all photographs used on this website are taken by me. Anything that is not will be appropriately credited.  

Storytelling is my life’s mission; it comes as naturally as breathing. 

How can I tell your story? 

Email klhoward91 [AT] gmail [DOT] com to get in contact.